PAT Testing service in London.


The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 places legal responsibility on employers, employees and sub-contractors to provide a safe place of work where electrical equipment is being used by making employers take practical steps to ensure no danger results from the use of such equipment.

Equipment that needs testing are as follows:

  • Portable equipment fitted with a plug and power cord that can be moved from room to room.
  • Transportable equipment. i.e appliances fitted with a plug and power lead that can be moved and plugged into a new position.
  • Handheld equipment such as power tools.

We can test all of the above equipment and as part of our testing programme, London Office Cleaners will provide you with a list of test results that complies with the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) requirement to have a managed system in place.

We can also schedule a regular annual contract so you don’t have to worry about PAT testing your equipment any more.

Please contact our friendly customer service team at London Office Cleaners today via our contact form to discuss this service.

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