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Hard Floor Cleaning

Many modern offices now have hard floor surfaces. The main benefits are the added durability and practicality from a cleaning and maintenance perspective.

As with carpets, hard floors also require the same professional level of care and attention in order to keep them in tip top condition.

Below is a list of the most common types of hard floors and the relevant maintenance best practice.


Our restoration experts are equipped with the latest system, using HTC specialized heavy-duty machinery and industrial diamond pads. They are highly experienced at usage of diamond tooling and achieve superior results in resurrection of worn-out concrete floors. After grinding the concrete luster would remain persistent several years ahead and if it comes to get duller, a simple buffing will return its glare.

We apply both dry and wet polishing technology, which doesn’t require any harsh chemicals, because the diamonds achieve the necessary effect by themselves. Wet floor polishing is very practical new method, because water absorbs all the dust produced during the process. It is a multi-step procedure, in which the floor is ground gradually, so the technicians could settle the desired level of sheen and smoothness. We will comply with all your aesthetic ideas about your concrete floor.


Our experienced technicians use diamond pads, the subtle diamonds on the pads gently polish the flooring, remove any grime and add the desired sheen. Depending on the type of the stone, your floor would have matt or high gloss finish.

Perfect results cannot be achieved with chemicals; it appears from the nature of the stone itself. The harder the stone, the greater the shine, but it’s more difficult and time consuming to grind it. Granite is the hardest natural stone, so it affords the best shine, next are marble and limestone. Diamond pad polishing will make your natural stone flooring cleaner and brighter, revealing its splendor, so that you and your visitors will be delighted.


Our hard floor polishing includes:

  1. Preparation: We prepare the polishing process by deep cleaning, vacuuming, mopping and dusting.
  2. Application: we use a special polisher, depending on type of wood and finish. We use the best products to ensure immaculate results.
  3. Buffing: machine buffing for final perfection.

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