Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Health and Happiness

Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Health and Happiness

It’s hard to believe that a small proportion of businesses consider commercial carpet cleaning a luxury. While London Office Cleaners appreciates that budgets aren’t bottomless pits, it’s essential to get your carpets regularly cleaned for a number of reasons.

The many benefits of commercial carpet cleaning

Employees who have to put up with dirty floors are unlikely to stay motivated or happy in their jobs for very long. It’s simply not a pleasant sight to look at. After all, you wouldn’t expect your workers to use filthy washrooms or sit next to windows that are covered with so much grime that they no longer offer any sort of view. Equally, clients and potential customers visiting your premises are likely to be repelled and at worst, will never wish to return, by the presence of grubby carpets.

Unlike laminate, lino, and tiles, which can be easily mopped, carpets are prone to ground-in dirt. Along with irritants caused by pollution or spores that affect hayfever sufferers, your carpet can contain a variety of horrible residents ranging from human skin cells and hairs to food crumbs and spilt drinks. Not only is this very unhygienic, but the matter can also be made worse when the dirt isn’t visible to the naked eye. So, it’s important to remember that just because your carpets don’t look really dirty, it doesn’t mean they’re clean as this article from shows.

Commercial carpet cleaning can help you save money

Flooring requires TLC if you want it to last, and the cost of replacing office carpets can be astronomical, particularly if your building spans several floors or has a large square footage. Upholstery is equally susceptible to the hygiene risks we’ve mentioned above. So, if you’ve let your carpets go to ruin, the chances are, your sofas and chairs are beyond help as well. So, if you’ve been putting off hiring London office cleaners on the basis that office cleaning is a luxury you simply can’t afford, just imagine how well your finance department will receive the news that you need to invest thousands of pounds on replacing all your existing carpets, entrance mats, office chairs, and reception area sofas!

Here at London Office Cleaners, we perform commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for scores of companies across central London at highly competitive prices.

Other types of floor cleaning

We also specialise in hard floors and know that these require the same professional level of care and attention in order to keep them in mint condition. So, if you own a business that has concrete, stone, wood, marble, or granite floors, London Office Cleaners can help ensure they look as good as new all-year-round.

Arrange commercial carpet cleaning today

Find out more about how our office cleaning, and carpet and upholstery cleaning services can help your business perform to its full potential by contacting London Office Cleaners today on 020 7584 6500. Alternatively, you can complete our online quote request form, and we’ll arrange to visit you and carry out a free, no-obligation quote on-site.


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