Is Your Office Toilet Cleaner Than Your Desk? Research Suggests It Is!

Is Your Office Toilet Cleaner Than Your Desk? Research Suggests It Is!

It’s not a pleasant thought, in fact it’s downright disgusting, but a far greater bacteria population may be thriving on your desktop than on a seat in the office loo! There are a number of possible explanations, for instance, we simply don’t spend a huge amount of time in the washrooms whereas the offices of London often work, eat, sneeze, cough and breathe on our desks for many hours each week.

If you want to tackle workstation hygiene, here are three actions you can take that will quickly make a healthy difference:

  1. Practice excellent hand hygiene. Washing your hands properly with soap and water before and after eating, as well as each time you leave the washroom, is a good habit for everyone.
  2. Keep your mobile phone clean. Even if you keep your hands clean, mobiles have a reputation for getting grubby and every time you handle a dirty object your hands are no longer clean!
  3. Employ a professional office cleaning service. Good office cleaners and washroom cleaners provide a thorough, consistent service and pay the special attention needed to work surfaces.

A good way to encourage good office hand hygiene is to ensure that there’s nothing off-putting about the washroom. People avoid spending time in smelly or dirty loos, and this can lead to hasty, ineffective, hand-rinsing and shaking instead of drying. Even worse, it seems quite a number of people neglect to wash their hands altogether!

Our Washroom Services can make sure all your toilet hygiene is taken care of for you with the ease and convenience you need. Keeping clean, well-stocked washrooms is quite essential to keeping a clean, healthy office, so why leave it to chance?

Sparkling clean porcelain and a clean, pleasant aroma are welcome indications of a nice loo. Choosing a quality liquid hand soap, and always ensuring a ready supply of hand towels or hand dryers will limit the obstacles between your busy London office and good hand hygiene.

When combined, our Office Cleaning and Washroom Services will help your business work towards narrowing the hygiene gap that may well exist in your workplace. It’s easy enough to pick up germs in the crowds of London, so allow us to keep your loos lovely and wipe out the nasty bacteria lurking on your desks!

Our managers and supervisors will help you find the right combination of services to make up just the bespoke cleaning arrangement you need, so contact our office today and one of our friendly team members will be able to set up a site visit for a free, no-obligations quote.


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